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Please support Remedi with a donation to enable funding of essential medical research projects that we know, will make a difference.

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Remedi provides funds for medical research projects in the UK which will result in new rehabilitation procedures, improved medical equipment, services and facilities which dramatically improve the quality of life for babies, children and adults and make the journey from illness or disability back to a normal life a reality.

Established as a registered Charity for 40 years, the work at Remedi is ever more important as medical science enables people to live with illness and disease and therefore their ability to live a normal life, return to work and be able to function as an individual, becomes ever more crucial. The recent Para Olympics have demonstrated how properly supported disabled people can pay great dividends for our society.

The medical research we support in rehabilitation and disability projects, often complete the "incubator" or pilot study stage and this enables researchers to then seek funding from large organisations such as the Medical Research Council, who will then fund a much larger project to complete the studies which enables new advances in care for these diseases.  In the last 15 years Remedi has awarded £4 million pounds to projects.

To read more about our current research projects click on the "Live Projects" section.






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